How to stop a software from searching for its CDs


I have a multimedia software (made with Macromedia), that consists of 6 CDs.
It keeps asking me to switch CD’s, so I thought I better copy all content in a local folder. CD1 works fine from there, but other than that, it keeps asking me to insert CD2, or 3, etc.
Is there a way to convince the software to look for what it needs in the same location, instead of searching outside for CDs?
I have Alcohol 120% and I could make images of the 6 CDs, mount each in a separate virtual drive. But I hope to be able to use one local folder instead.
Is there a file that directs the software to the CD that has the needed content?

Thanks for any help given.

Its the way it was done, so you had to change it in order the program considers that all the info is under the same folder or in new designated folders instead of CDs.
Not a newbie matter I’m affraid, there are people around that can assist you if you’re lucky enough, but you need to be able to use the tools and follow the necessary steps.

Thanks so much for the reply, agomes
I’m a quick learner, and I’m willing to give it all the time it needs.
I do hope someone pass by and give me directions on how to do this…