How to stitch 2 mpgs?

i hav a movie on two huge mpg files. need to cut them to fit into CDR so i’ll end up with 4 CDs. if i can stitch these two mpgs and THEN cut them, i’ll need juz 3 CDs instead of 4.

is there a way to do it and how?

i’ve searched forums for “stitch” and “combine” etc but those are not wat i want…

any tips appreciated… thx.

A heavy program to accomplish this would be Adobe Premiere.

But there must be different programs…but I can’t think of one right now

Actually, Easy Video Joiner does the job and comes somewhat cheaper :slight_smile:

Virtual Dub should do it too, although i am not sure about the mpg format, it might not support it.

The easiest way is to use a (freeware?) called Camel’s MPG join. I personally use VCDCutter - damn neat!

Try DVTool, it’s free!!


Merging guide:

Splitting guide:

dat’s great. i’ll try the sharewares/freewares…
can’t afford Adobe