How to start

I just got DVD2oneX (mac OS X version) to help me back up my DVDs that are too large for a single DVD. I don’t know how to get started though. Everything I read says start with “file” format. What does that mean? I’m using 0SEx to rip the DVD (Rear Window). Do I need to save it as a disc image, program stream, or what? And do I need to rip all the data off and then use DVD2one to select the data I want? Basically I need a little Mac tutorial here. Thanks in advance.

Also>>Currently my method of backing up DVDs that are >4.7GB is to rip the video and english audio tracks out using 0SEx. This gives me a nice stripped-down version without menus and without those unnecessary languages (really, who needs a Hungarian soundtrack??). Can I instead use DVD2one to back up the entire disc (or atleast add the menus so I have scene selection)?? If so, how. Thanks again.

I personally use DVDBackup to rip the entire dvd to my my hd, then select the created VideoTS folder with DVD2One where i have the choice to do a Disk Copy (Full Disk) or Movie Only compression. Works every time. DVDBackup can be found on Hope this helps.:cool:

PS: with DVD2One you can omit the various languages that you do not need.:stuck_out_tongue:

RTFM !!!