How to start PC in Safe Mode

I wonder if I’m doing it wrong. I turned PC on and pressed F8, next the whole screen was populated with full pass file names or commands. I don’t know. Tried a few times so I gave up and re-installed the drive image. Can some one give me step by step ingtructions how to go about it. If it is not too much to ask. All I wanted to do was to go in safe mode and run the antiverus program.
Thank you for any help
John :o
Edit: WinXP Pro No sp1 sp2

After the bios screen flashes Press F8 and hold, you should get a screen with a bunch of safe mode prompts just select the safe mode option at the top and press enter. should work

F8 working whit win:
XP (pro/home)

i’m not sure it working on 95 … but i can find out :> ;p

Thank you :slight_smile:

if the F8 method doesn`t work then.

  1. click start
  2. click run
  3. type msconfig click ok
  4. click on the BOOT.INI
  5. tick /safeboot
  6. click and reboot

i know this is a bit long winded but i couldt get into safe mode by F8 because my key board has duel funtion keys and ive only just found out how to get the F keys to work.

I don’t want to think that was a joke but, I did try that. It didn’t work. It did not reboot after I did the changes. Only blue screen telling me about fatal error and some long numbers. I ended up re formating the HDD and re loading the HD image.
Thanks anyway

good old windowzzz :slight_smile: