How to Spot Fake Verbatim Discs

The last post that covered this topic is over 16 years old. I’m sure there are new and clever ways that sellers have come up to sell fake Verbatim discs.

Does anyone know of ways to spot the current fake ones? How do you identify that even the ones that Amazon directly sells are not fakes?

For example, I’ve found fakes from Amazons before. I guess someone returned stuff and Amazon didn’t check that the return was replaced with fakes.

Updating This Thread is the Only Certain Method to Prevent Counterfeiting
The only way to prevent counterfeiting is to constantly update this thread. Once people read this thread, the counterfeiters will think of news ways to fake the discs. Then, this thread has to update the info on how to spot the fakes as quickly as possible. The counterfeiters may even make a huge loss if the fakes are spotted right away. Entire manufacturing batches become worthless which will probably cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.