How to spot a rebadged NEC or any other brand?



I was at and found the following deal,

Mad Dog 8x DVD±RW Dual Drive has the Mad Dog Dominator 6-in-1 Dual Internal 8x DVD±RW Drive for $100 - $40 rebate [Exp 4/25] = $60 + shipping. Pick up in-store to avoid shipping. These are reportedly rebadged NEC ND-2500A’s.

So my question is, how do you tell which drive is a rebadge of another drive?
Foe example, in the following 2 links
A guy claims that the Mad Dog 8x is a rebadged NEC ND-2500A.
How do we know whether it’s true or not?
Not that I don’t trust this guy, but it wouldn’t hurt to re-confirm that he was right.
Better yet, I might be able to spot a rebadge of xxx drive myself…


I dont know about the MadDog but make sure you always see 8xDVD+R and 8xDVD-R on the box. Don’t be fooled by 8xDVD±R. Thats what a lot of 8xDVD+R 4xDVD-R burners have on the front of the box. Always read all the specs.

The only one I’m sure about is the Pacific Digital burner that has 8x+ 8x- on the front of the box(not the one with 8x dual format on the front). That is well know to contain a Nec 2500. That could change at any time though. LiteOn 812s could start showing up in those also. I havent heard of that happening yet.

Some places I’ve seen the Pacific Digitals sold:

Office Max
Office Depot
Sams Club


Bump… because i would really liek to see answer to this too. :slight_smile:


Look the cdr write speed, that ussually narrows the choices down to one or two.
Last I heard, the Mad Dog drive was always an NEC 2500.


Sometimes, it is possible to tell by the serial number printed on the box.
I think all of the Maddog 6-in-1s are NECs.

The Pacific Digital 8X drive can be MANY different drives.
If you’re looking for an NEC 2500A in a Pacific Digital box, make sure to grab one that has a serial number of 41XXXXXXXXXX


I’ve heard that 2510s are appearing in the Mad Dog 7 in 1 dual layer boxes.


G’day all,

Remember that:

  1. The NEC ND-2500A has 32x CD-R/16x CD-RW.
  2. The LiteON SOHW-812S has 40x CD-R/24x CD-RW.
  3. The Pioneer DVR-107D has 24x CD-R/24x CD-RW.

This guide should help you find out “what’s behind the curtain”.



sweet… my officemax by me has the maddog’s on sale for $60… I’m going to get one this morning and have a look at it.


OM has them going on sale again for 49.99 AR on 7/10


I bought one at OfficeMax yesterday. The “MadDog Dominator 6 in 1 Dual 8X DVD±RW” is really a black NEC ND-2500A as mentioned above (above the UPC says MD-8XDVDRW-PM). I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but the cd freaks review sounded okay for my uses.

 I was already at OfficeMax to buy two Memorex CD-R 50-Packs [for the price of one](, and when I saw the MadDog Dominator for $50-ish, I said, hey why not.  My linux computer just lost its Plextor PX-W1210A ([died of overuse](, and I needed a replacement.  I'm not going to be ripping games; I'm going to be doing system backups. 
 My only complaint: the OfficeMax [Rebate Center]( hasn't updated to show the rebate yet.  The dates don't match from an identical, older rebate.

I forgot to mention that there’s OEM software included: Nero Express 6 and various other Nero stuff. I’ve been wanting a real copy of Nero for a while, so this was a bonus for me.


Doh! Too good to be true. Should I return it? It effectively costed $90.

I called their support phone number, and the rebate doesn’t actually start until 07/18/2004 for the contiguous United States. See

The product has been delisted from, so I think something went wrong with this rebate.


Hmm, when I just read it, it said:

“Purchase must be made between July 11, 2004 & July 24, 2004 in the contiguous United States; July 25, 2004 - July 31, 2004 in Alaska and Hawaii; August 1, 2004 - August 7, 2004 in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.”


A great deal for a great drive.