How to split films into 2 to fit disc

Hi my names dan im new to site and am seeking help. I have been trying to burn a film on to disc but the disc is only 120 mins. i am using nero vision and was wondering if there is any way of splitting the film into 2 and put on to 2 discs. If nero is not good enough what software can i use instead. all help appreciated as im going crazy:a tying to figure it out cheers

Is your film in dvd format? If it is, you can use DVDShrink to split the movie into two parts using the ReAuthor mode and the Start/End Frame tool.
This guide is for an older version of Shrink, but should still be relevant for the last version.

DVDShrink is a free program and you can download it from

If your film is in avi format, you can use VirtualDub for this.