How to split DVD onto 2 dvds for quality

Currently I use DVDshrink and DVD Decrypter to back up my movies. Lately I have found that some movies are so large that it has to compress the main movie to almost 50% in DVD Shrink. Is there a way to just burn it onto 2 disks and keep the compression from getting to high?


Go to, a very helpful site with guides specifically on how to split dvds into 2. It has all the free tools u will need to do it with. If you have any additional questions after reading their guides, feel free to query again.

I use IFOEDIT to split the movies into 2. Then burn it. It gets a little complicated after you have split your movie. has a specific guide for using IFOEDIT. So i would suggest going to that site as a first resource.

see my dvd shrink guide

In shorthand…

Part 1, for DISC 1=====>

1-Open DVDShrink. Let it analyse the complete disc.
2-When it is done, look at the top menus for “Reauthor.” Click on this.
3-Look down the right-hand side for a section called “Main Movie.” If there is only one item in that section, this is easy. Just drag that item to the left hand pane, and go to number 5, below.
4-IF there is more than one title, then select each one and then click on the “play” icon in the lower left hand part of the screen, to play each one. Decide which one you need. Sometimes, one will be widescreen, and one will be full screen. Sometimes, one will have alternate endings. In TV episodes, you may need more than just one. Once you have chosen what you need, drag it (or them) over to the left hand pane.
5-Look the top right, and find “Compression settings” Click on this item.
6-Under “Video,” (on the right) you will see “Automatic.” Change this to “No compression.”
7-On the left, look for a small icon that looks like two arrows facing each other. This item is called “Set Start / End Frames.” Click on it.
8-Under “End Frame,” look at the chapter number. This is the last chapter. Change it, to the highest number you THINK will fit on one DVD. You can keep going back, and experimenting. You are trying to fill most of the first DVD, without going over, and without getting all of the way to the outside edge of the blank DVD.
9.-Now, look up at the top, for “Backup.” Click it. Proceed to rip and burn Disc 1, and you will now have the first half of the movie.

PART TWO, for disc 2=======

When finished, do not close DVDShrink. Instead, we are going to set it up for the second disc, while it still remembers all of the information.

10-Again, find that small icon on the left hand pane that looks like two opposing arrows. This is the “Set start/end frames” icon. Click on it. Note the chapter you used as the last chapter for disc 1, on the previous burn. Let us pretend it is chapter 14, for right now. Make a mental note of this number.
11-Under “Start Frame” above this, change the beginning location to the NEXT HIGHEST chapter. So, if disc q ended at chapter 14, set this “start frame” chapter number to be “Chapter 15.”
12-Under the end frame, change the chapter end number to be the last chapter (the highest number you see as an option). Then, click on “OKAY” to close this window.
13-Would you like all of the extras? You might as well. To include them on this second disc, the procedure is simple. Look at the upper right, for “DVD BROWSER.” Click this item.
14-Scroll down and find the “Extras” section. There may a lot of them. Highlight ALL of them, and drag them over the left hand pane, and make sure you drop them all AFTER the “Title 1” that is already in that location. Just drag and drop them. You can play any, to see if you wish to leave them out. Or, just drag them all. Your choice.
15-In the left hand pane, click on the “DVD” at the top of the list of all of the files you have cued up. Then, on the right hand side, click on “Compression Settings” once more. It will probably now say something like “Mixed Compression” that is because you added new titles. Change this choice again so it says “No Compression.”
16-Almost done. Pop a new blank into your DVD burner. Click on the “BACKUP” icon up at the top, and prceed to rip and burn your second disc.
You are done.

A few notes about this procedure…
-You will end up with no compression at all, your discs will look and sound as good as your original copies that you own.
-The major compromises: you will be losing all menus if you just do the above. If you wish, there are a few software titles that can allow you to keep these, so each disc can have those. DVDShrink cannot, or at least not if you want the menus to actually work. I have used VOBBlanker to keep the menus on a few discs where I wished them to appear. You use it as a sort of a middle stage, along with DVDSrink.
-Obviously, the only other compromise is that you now must change discs in mid-movie. I have never minded this, though, since I have found that everyone wants a break at least once while watching most films.

Note that the extras will simply begin to play one by one, in order immediately after the end of the main movie on disc two. You can access them easily using the remote (jump to the next title, or chapter).

-Bruce in Chi-town