How to split DVD onto 2 dvds for quality

Currently I use DVDshrink and DVD Decrypter to back up my movies. Lately I have found that some movies are so large that it has to compress the main movie to almost 50% in DVD Shrink. Is there a way to just burn it onto 2 disks and keep the compression from getting to high?


Maybe you can have a try on WinAVI DVD Copy!

i use the same programs to back mine up, and i found that if you backup ONLY the main movie and remove all unnecessary audio files, as well as cutting out the credits, you shouldn’t end up with more than 20% compression needed to fit on one disc

personally, i couldnt stand having to change discs in the middle of a movie…

go check out the guides at, theres many many quides there to show you how to do what you want and much much more

Go to this thread I think you will find your answer. :rolleyes:

I believe CloneDVD2 will allow you to split a DVD to 2 discs and retain functional menus to keep the quality up.