How to split DVD-9 into 2 DVD-5



Please could someone explain to me how to split a DVD-9 movie into 2 DVD-5 without a loss of quality. If the procedure has been posted and explained previously, then please provide me links to the how-to posts. Also please explain briefly the meanings of the following file extensions: BUP, IFO, VOB and what specifically these files do. Thank you.


Reading the manual which is installed with CloneDVD by clicking “help” might… help.

Here is a quote:
Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected

HINT: If you want to split a multi-angle movie, please cut off the same chapters for each camera angle. You can easily recognize titles with different camera angles, as they all have the same playing time!


Thank you very much, Tru.