How to split an extra long episode in to two seperate episodes?



I’m currently on my iPhone right now so I can’t mess around with dvdfab ATM. The very first two episodes of the stargate series are made as one episode in my DVD collection. I’ve checked numerous websites, and they all list it as 2 seperate episodes( one is a pilot). I’d like to split them to keep collection organized nicely.

Can I use DVD to DVD split as a way to seperate them? I’ve never done much with the DVD to DVD functions of dvdfab. Maybe there is a much better way so I can time when the first episode ends and second begins. This is for my .mp4 collection BTW.

Thanks in advance.


You can split it by title, chapter or title and chapter (using Customize Split). This is covered in the Tutorial with examples. You’ll probably need to use the Preview function or play the DVD to see what the chapter number is as it changes from the pilot to the next episode. Are you sure that the episodes are not still available individually on the disc (many episode discs have a “Play All” title, where all episodes are in one title, as well as individual titles for each episode)?


Yep, found it here:
Its sometimes not that easy to navigate with the phone, so I wanted the question put up before I get home in case it wasn’t clearly spelled out in the tutorial.