How to split a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-R and keep menus and extras?

Is it possible to split a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-R and keep all menus and extras and not just the main movie? Is there a program that can easily do this?

I’m not sure, but DVD rebuilder and DVD Remake should be for you.

are you asking how to put menu and main movie on one disc and menue and special features on the second disc?

clonedvd2 is actualyl quite good for this.

simply make sure “preserve menu” is checked and in the first backup select only the main movie.
make a second disc with “preserve menu” and select everything BUT the main movie.

you’ll have two discs that seem identical when you pop them in except one contains the movie and the other contains the features. the menus buttons will still be available for the section that isn’t included…they just won’t work and will redirect back to the main menu.

The “still image” option in DVDShrink is another way. That’s what I generally do, given that DVD+R DL’s are still about three times the price of two SL blanks. :frowning:


I think what he’s asking for… is DVD X Copy. LOL!

To reasonsnotrules: Are you talking about Elby CloneDVD2?

To Colin 2905: What is this “still image” in DVDShrink?

To Gurm: I though DVD X Copy is no longer under developement?

It’s a method of compression: it replace the original video with still pictures

You can find on the right panel of DVD Shrink on the tab “Compression settings”

CloneDVD ( seems to allow splitting and keeping menus and extras on the first disc. Anyone tried this software?

No, it isn’t. But the original question seemed to be asking for that SORT of functionality - split the movie down the middle, half on one disc and half on another.

yes, i was referring to elby’s CloneDvd2 :slight_smile:

To geno888: I will give it a try.

To Gurm: Is a demo of this program available to try?

To reasonsnotrules: Are you using this program to split discs? The problem is that sometimes there are not many extras and it is just the main movie that takes a lot of space and by using method you need to compress a lot in order to fit on one disc.


Ok, perhaps we’ve been not forthcoming enough.

There USED to be a program that split movies down the middle. This movie was called DVD X Copy. It has not been developed now in at least 3 years, the company was sued out of business. There are ways to do what you are asking with other programs, but most of us seldom do this.

What we usually do is just use a better compressor. :slight_smile:

DVD-Rebuilder is very good. :wink:

elby CloneDVD2 can split a movie keeping all menus on two discs just fine. Really, I do it all the time. It is very flexible, you can slit at any chapter position, you can put the menus on both discs or just one of them. And it will not compress unless you want it. If space permits you can put the movie on one disc (maybe with just a little compression), and extras on the other.
And you don’t need to watch still pictures for several seconds if you removed the “Warner Home Video”, “Universal” … trailers at the beginning of the disc. :slight_smile:
Read the help file for instructions. Good luck!

I tried DVD-Rebuilder, but I don’t see much improvement over DVD Shrink with deep analysis.

Hey Tru,

Is it possible to use CloneDVD2 to split up a flipper like Goodfellas and keep EVERYTHING and not compress anything (assuming it all fits on a dual layer dvd)? I have a dual layer burner. I have been searching for a way to do this but have not found any answers. Any help you can provide would be most helpful.



There are several methods for doing exactly what you want. Mine is not any “better,” it is merely the method that works the best for me. In fact, this is the method I use for ALL of my purchased dual layer discs, since I cannot stand using any compression, and I still prefer not to spend $2.00 and more for a quality blank dual layer disc.

I follow this procedure:

-I rip the entire disc to hard drive, using either DVDDecrypter in file mode, or else DVDShrink set for “no compression.” I ignore the warning that the DVD might be too big to burn. I call this folder on the hard drive “original.”

-I then use VOBBlanker to open that folder on my hard drive (“original”), and I blank out all extras, and also the second half of the main movie, at a chapter break, and I rip this result to a new folder on my hard drive (I call it “disc 1”) Note that the main movie has no compression. Note that all menus will remain intact, and they will work.

-I then re-open the result from the first rip in VOBBlanker (the folder called “original”). This time, I set it to just blank out the first half of the main movie. It keeps all of the extras, so they all appear on Disc 2. I then set it to rip this result into a new folder on the hard drive, called “Disc 2.” Note that the second half of the main movie again has no compression.

-I burn the folder “Disc 1” to my first blank. (I use Nero, but any burner will do). Final result has no compression on the main movie.

-I burn the the folder “Disc 2” to my second blank. (I use Nero, but any burner will do) Final result has no compression on the main movie.

I end up with two discs. Both have NO COMPRESSION (beyond that used on the original DVD, of course). Both have ALL menus, and all of the menus work, to the degree that they can… Obviously, they can only access what is on that particular disc.

Disc 1 has all menus, and the first half of the main movie. It has every audio choice / soundtrack for the main movie, and also any director’s commentaries, and also any subtitles. But only for the first half of that main movie. It ends at a chapter break, and then it reverts to the main menu. (I have recently begun inserting a still frame that directs the user to change discs, which VOBblanker is capable of doing, with ease. Obviously, this is only an option.)

Disc 2 has all menus, and the second half of the main movie. It begins at a chapter break. It has every soundtrack for the main movie, and also any director’s commentaries, and also any subtitles. But only for the second half of that main movie. It ends at the end of the main movie, and then it reverts to the main menu, after a pause. It also has ALL of the other extras, deleted scenes, trailers, documentaries, etc. It uses no additional compression beyond that was on the original store-bought disc.


Additional notes…

-VOBBlanker is free.

-VOBBlanker can look intimidating, when you first try it. You need a guide (a link will follow below) and you will then find this process is a piece of cake.

-There is a three to 7 second pause at the beginning of the main movie on disc two, if you just do the above. I add one additional step, which takes perhaps 60 seconds, and it requires yet another (freeware) program. I use it to get rid of the pause, so the DVD player does not have to “cycle” through the missing chapters that are not on disc two. This step is completely optional, but it is so easy, I go ahead and do this. The program required is pgcEdit.

-Vobblanker scares many people off, unless they have a good guide. So does the program I use to get rid of the pause (pgcEdit). With a good guide, this entire process becomes easy, and routine. It admittedly takes longer than ripping a DVD5 to a DVD5. However, it takes less time than the compressing that most people are using with DVD-9 store-bought discs, and you end up with much better quality – identical to the original.

Here is a link to the guide I use:

Link to a simple guide for splitting and keeping all menus and extras

Note about the above…

The guide linked above assumes you have ripped the entire original DVD9 disc to your hard drive already. This can be done using DVDDecrypter, or DVDShrink (use whole disc mode, and change the compression rate to NO COMPRESSION and ignore the warning that it is too big). You can also use DVDFabDecrypter, if the disc has one of the latest forms of copy protection on it.

It also has a (completely optional) final part which gets rid of the “pause” which often occurs at the beginning of your second burned disc. This final step is so easy, I have used this option every time.

I have also been using one additional step… I use VOBBlanker to insert a still frame at the end of the first disc, so a frame pops up for 15 seconds, which urges users to “Please Insert Disc 2.” This step is NOT outlined in the guide, but it is so easy I figured it out on my own, after using this method about four times. Look for the button that says “Replace” and use it on the chapter which follows the last chapter on Disc One.

Again, the final results are as follows:

-Two discs.
-Both discs have all of the menus. All menus continue to function.
-Both discs have every audio stream intact (foreign languages, DD 5.1, ACS 2.0, DTS, whatever was on the original). The same, for all subtitles.
-Disc one begins with any main menu, and has all sub-menus available. It contains the first half of the movie, and ends at a chapter break (except mine then adds an attractive “change discs” frame). It begins at the Main Menu, and has all sub-menus available. It contains the first half of the main movie. The main movie has NO COMPRESSION.
-Disc two begins again with any main menu, and has all sub-menus available. It contains the second half of the movie, and begins where the first disc ended, at that chapter break. There is no pause if you access “play” or if you try to access a chapter which was on disc 1 (it jumps right to the first available chapter). This second disc also has every “extra.” Although you can easily blank anything you do not wish to sit through… and you can preview any material easily to determine this. The main movie has NO COMPRESSION – beyond what was on the original store-bought DVD.

If anyone needs info on the only thing not covered in the guide – the insertion of the still frame to tell you switch to a second disc – let me know, and I can add this info in this thread.


That’s what I would do using VobBlanker. Here’s a similar method using DvdReMake Pro:
Splitting a movie and then rejoining it. But this was written a year ago. If you plan on recombining later on, current version of DvdRemake will make steps 3-6 of Recombining steps so much easier: just a simple multi-block copy and paste from disc 2’s blocks to disc 1’s hidden blocks.

Also take a look at this guide: