How to split a D9 into 2 D5s without changing anything?

this is a n00b question but how do I split a double layer movie into 2 single layers, and still be able to pop it into a DVD player and watch it?
I dont want to “shrink” it from 6G to 4G, because that would mean loss of quality :sad:

So far I tried Alcohol 120% and set the split file size to 4GB, it produced 3 files, .MDF(4G), .MDS(5k) and .md0(2G), I can mount the .MDS(5k) file on DAEMON and it’ll play the whole movie fine. But I think all 3 files has to be present under the same directory for it to play, and that would be impossible if I burn them into separate D5 DVDs

Assuming you want the movie only, DVDShrink in re-author mode will do this nicely.

IMO, unless your watchin the dvd on a tv bigger than 37" you wont notice any loss in quality shrinking it. Especially if you do movie only.

thanks~ I’ll try it :slight_smile:
could I ask what did u mean by “movie only”?

No menus, not “extras”. You can also eliminate unwanted audio streams and save loads of space. You may well find that most movies require almost no compression once you lose all that stuff. Many will be smaller than 4.4GB and fit nicely on one disc.

In re-author mode, you’ll lose the menus anyway. CloneDVD will preserve menus.

I get it now, I think I prefer CloneDVD better… too bad it’s not freeware :stuck_out_tongue:

VobBlanker will do it and it is freeware, a guide to do it is on the site