How to split a audio file to multiple CD's?

I download books via audible and itunes. I want to burn cd backups but the files they send via audible are to large to burn to one cd. How can I split it back up so I can have a hard media backup??

I use a program called MP3 Splitter and Joiner from EzSoft Magic:

I have the Pro version, but the regular version works wonders as well.

The one thing that may be problematic is the copy protection involved with Audible files. In that case, splitting with this method may not be a good idea.

You could try burning the audio book to DVD blanks, if you have a DVD burner. DVD burners are around $30-$35 USD, and blank disks around 30 cents to 50 cents, depending on brand.

Or you could use WinRAR to create a multi-segmented archive, which would leave the original file AS IS, with all copy protection retained, but break it up into chunks.

You could specify say 50 meg per segment, or more if you wanted.

Hope some of that info helps.

BTW, how large is the original Audible file?

Thanx for the quick reply but, I really would like to be able to burn these in a listenable way to cd though. We are a one Ipod family and the wife gets dibbs unfortunatly :slight_smile:

Well, if it is copy protected, I’m not sure it would be appropriate for me to try to help you circumvent the process. Audio books, like regular books, are intended to be heard by one person at a time, correct? Given this, perhaps waiting until the wife finishes the book and then listening to it yourself would be best.

I support your right to backup the material - certainly - but to remove copy protection with the intent of providing multiple people with multiple copies at the same time - is more of a grey area for me.

I hope you understand.

The Audible ones can be burned directly to Audio CD. There’s a plugin for the Audible Manager that does that. IDK about apple.