How to spell?

Just wondered, what is the correct spelling of “disc/disk” I have seen it spelt both “disc” and “disk”. Is one US and one UK English?

Is it that “Disc” is for DVD/CD and “Disk” is for the hard drive?

Any ideas?

Ben :slight_smile:

Does this help? >

Disk is Dutch :wink:

Didn’t think to check wikipedia. I thought it was something to do with if it was optical or magnetic. Still, often I see software/CDs labeled as “Disk 1” and “Disk 2”. At least I had it the write way round, otherwise I would have to go and rename all my music, I am perfectionist like that.


Ben :slight_smile:

Flip a coin.

Disc = English spelling
Disk = American spelling


America likes to dictate it’s own terms … even when spelling is involved :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah we do debro and don’t you forget it! lol

Yes … America does everything their own way … but if everyone else is doing it uniformally … there must be reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer disc. All my opticals have this retro logo saying “compact disc” on it. It’s embedded in hardware. Therefor, it must be good.


Hmmm. After reference to the “(US also disk)” in the definition, the OED does specifically mention disk when referring to “an information storage device for a computer”. But I reckon both are acceptable. Bit like colour and color along with countless others differences.

i’d think

disc = compact disc, dvd, magnetical optical media device or vinyl record
disk = hard disk
dish = that moldy stuff that used to be your dinner plates

A dish is a parabolic plate with one or more heads on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Or an attractive person like Britney Spears (sic)

In the UK we spell it with a “K”