How to speed up converion?

How can I speed up video converion? It takes my computer 50Mins to convert a 800mb avi file to DVD. How can I speed this up? Increas the amount of RAM? What will speed it up? A more powerfull proccessor?

Both more RAM and a more powerful CPU will increase the speed of conversions.

Also a fast HDD will help, because if retrieving and/or saving data on HDD is too slow, this will contribute to slow the entire process.

If you can find also a software running @64 bit and able to use all cores of multicore CPUs, then you’ll have the best increase in performance.

A faster processor is the best way to speed up your conversion times. I’d suggest looking into the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors if you can afford a whole new setup. They really are a big step up from the current offerings from AMD and the previous Intel chips.

At Zipzoomfly the Core 2 Duo motherboards range from approx $80 up to $200, the cheapest C2D cpu is $209 and you’d need at least a gig of DDR2 memory at $110 or so. And you’d need a pci-e video card. This stuff adds up much too quickly doesn’t it? My main system is only a year and a half old, so I’m not looking to build another anytime soon, but if I were, I’d be switching from my AMD 64 over to one of these Intel C2D setups.

You’re not going to see any appreciable gains just by putting a faster cpu into your old XP rig though. If you can’t afford a whole new computer, then more memory, a Raptor 10K hard drive and a faster cpu might have some benefits combined. But that would be a waste of money that could be put towards a newer setup.

By the way, what are you using for your conversions? Some mpeg encoders are faster than others, CCE and ProCoder are fairly quick compared to say, TMPGenc or HC.

I just use AVI Video converter.