How to speed things up

I have a G4 DP 867 with 512 MB ram and a 2x superdrive. How can I speed things up? Will more ram make a difference? Should I get another DVD ROM (like 16x) so I can speed up the decrypting/ripping?


I’ve heard that the piece of software is CPU and Harddrive dependant. Only takes about 25 minutes for me.

Buy a second hard drive. Rip your movie to one drive and transcode\encode to the other. Cuts the time nearly in half.

I usually rip to and encode on the same drive, I will try this advice as my drives are each primary on two different channels. (All my drives are master(I have three ATA controller cards)) If you were to rip to then transcode to a different drive on the same IDE cable you wouldn’t see a benefit. The controller could only “talk” to one drive at a time. Keep the drives on different cables. But don’t rip from a DVD drive to a harddrive on the same channel as this would slow things down a bunch.


Could you explain exactly what you mean by “How can I speed things up?”

Perchance you are referring to speeding up the “Ripping” process? If so how are you “Ripping” the DVD? Most DVD-ROMs and DVD burner “Ripping” speed is limited to 2 speed “Ripping”. The JLMS/Lite On DVD-ROMS (HD 163/HD 165/HD 166) are noted for their 12+ speed “Ripping” speed. If you visit The FirmWare Page ( Forum (DVD-ROM) you will be able to acquire information about the Lite-On DVD-ROMs.

Also you will be able to speed up the whole process a little bit by having whatever DVD Burner and/or DVD-ROM you are using on a different IDE channel then the IDE channel you Hard Drive is located on.


what if I write to my firewire external hard drive?