How to span dvd's


I just recently joined the forum. I have a question regarding dvd spanning. I have a folder which I want to backup onto dvd’s but i want it to be spanned (its about 64gb) how do i span it ?

Hi Universe and Welcome to CDF:

You posted in the Nero forum and that may not be the best place. However, only moderators can move it if they agree.

Given the expense of the software, blank media and eventual degradation of the media, how about an additional drive for backups. The way the prices have dropped, this might be worth considering.

I use nero 7 thats why i thought i would post it here. More importantly I want to know how to span using nero 7 ?. I have an additional hard drive but I like to keep dvd backups :slight_smile:

Here is the Nero Manual for the program. It should guide you through the process.

I get an error :

Im using firefox

Try that address and select the language you want.

Nope I get the same error :frowning:

I’m not sure what is happening but the Nero Website is below:

On the left side is “User Guide / Help Files”. Navigate to the Back-It Up Program and the language you want.

Thanks for that link im downloading the help files which is about 23.7mb :slight_smile:
I’m just wondering any flaws or bugs with nero backitup ?