How to softmod Xbox?

I was wondering, is it possible to softmod an xbox using only a crossover cable or network cable and a router? If anyone can tell me that would be great. Thanks

no, you need either a gamesave exploit, or a hotswap, which requires neither a cable or router.

what gamesave exploits are there? any in PAL format?

PAL or NTSC has nothing to do with the gamesaves. @Pmaw you will need a number of other things for the softmod.

  1. An action replay 2 (AR2)

  2. An XBOX official Memory Card

  3. One of the following original games: Mechassault, Splinter Cell, 007. For best results try to get the originals and not the Platinum releases.

  4. One of the UXE Exploit gamesaves that corresponds with one of the games listed above (I strongly recommend the Krayzie’s installers as they make things easy).

  5. You will need a way to hook your AR2 up to your PC in order to transfer the D/L gamesave exploit from your PC to the AR2

  6. Plug the AR2 into the XBOX and transfer the gamesave to the XBOX memory card

  7. Write the gamesave from the memory card to the XBOX HD, make sure the mem card is completely empty as the exploit will take virtually all of the space on the mem card.

  8. Turn off the XBOX and then boot it up again with one of the 3 games listed above.

  9. Go into the part of the game which allows you to load save games. In there you should see an option that says “Run Linux” select the option and wait a little bit. Don’t panic if the screen goes black. Follow the steps listed on the screen and it will walk you through the install process.

Theres a more complete tutorial than the one above here.

It has more in depth info and uses the new ndure exploit.

It is xbox live safe.


thanks for the softmod tutorial but im having a problem with running the mechassult save exploit. when i go to campaign in mechassult and click run linux it comes up with an error message saying that its unable to run linux etc… i know i have the correct gamesaves loaded and the correct mechassult game and i have no idea whats wrong or what i did wrong. please reply to this, or email me at thanks