How to slow down my new NEC3500 (noise)

Hi I just got my NEC 3500 DVD-burner.

I planned to use it in my computer located under my TV, I use it for watching DVDs and sometimes I burn a CD/DVD as well.

BUT, as soon as I put in a DVD, it starts spinning realy fast, making a lot of noise - is there some kind of program, that I can use in order make it slower, because for viewing a DVD - I don’t need the maximal speed = noise


Hi amtssp,

Try and downloading the Nero pack that includes Nero DriveSpeed. This thing can slow down the reading of DVDs and CDs, but not the writing but it should be ok for what you need.



Both my 3500’s are VERY quiet - I sit right next to them and can hardly hear any sound when reading or burning-

Maybe you have a bad drive?