How to SLOW down direct x?



i bought an old game that uses direct x8, when i run it with my new pc with direct x9 and gf6600 card i soon realised it runs wayyyyyy tooooo faaaaasssttttt, it’s still playable, although the fps is around 90, there’s no option to adjust whatsoever, fulling full screen or windowed mode made no difference, i heard that if i lower hardware accelration in dxdiag i can slow fps, is this true?

i haven’t tried it yet since i don’t want to freeze my pc as i have alot of stuff running, but can anyone confirm this rumour?

many thanks for the help.


LOL - talk about poor coding. Anyways, in your graphic card control panel enable VSYNC, this will limit/lock your frame rate to your screen refresh, so if your refresh is at 60Hz, you will not get over 60fps :smiley:


VSYNC won’t damage my LCD monitor…right?

long time ago a friend of mine was messing with the hz setting in “properties”, and he completely broke his monitor, but the VSYNc is safe right?

many thanks for the great help, thank you.


Your friend probably tried setting resolutions and refresh rates unsupported by his monitor and yes abusing this can damage monitor which is why you should install and use your monitor’s own driver this way you won’t be able to use unsupported resolutions - although with the nvidia control panel you can pretty much play with it, :smiley: Anyways, always consult your monitor’s specifications (max refresh rate / resolution) and don’t go over.

VSYNC does NOT alter your refresh rate or resolution, it is a simple option that can either be ON or OFF. Your screen is REFRESHED a certain number of times every second - For example if your monitor is at 60Hz it means it is redrawn 60 times a second. If VSYNC is off then your game will be allowed to render as many frames as your graphic card / processor can handle, and if the number is higher than your refresh you will get a tearing effect - What VSYNC does is syncronise your game’s redraw speed with your refresh rate - The VSYNC is a LIMITER if you prefer and no it will not damage your monitor.
If your refresh rate is high then this might not slow much your game anyways, you might need another tool to slow down your CPU as well. I have a lot of old DX8 games that run just fine on my GeForce 7800 card, it is a matter of proper coding to limit frame rate so it’s not all over the place.

P.S. Before you try the VSYNC method, I recommend you give this program a try, it might be more efficient for you:

Click on the download at your left, this will give you better control, and yes it is safe for your CPU.


Obviously, this belongs in the Newbie section.

The hardware acceleration and Dxdiag FPS override options will NOT slow down the game, just the speed that the cideo frames are updated.

Aka, now you get 100fps, and after screwing with your settings you will get 50fps, but more action happen between your frames, you just won’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any decent games made in the last 8-10 years (and Dx8 is only about 3 years old) have been coded to ensure that the game speed runs the same on all supported hardware (aka timing is the same).

A higher FPS is a good thing, and is independant to the game speed, it only tells you how many frame per second your video card is showing you. Anything about 60FPS is fine, anyting less than 40 is practically unplayable.

The game speed setting wil be in the game options, assuming the option is available. Otherwise you will just have to work on your reflexes.


He should try the VSYNC method first before he plays with cpukiller, if you’ve seen his other questions you’d know why ;).

Tell us what game it is there may be other options as well