How to slow down 166S?

I’ve got a JLMS-166S Lite-On DVD-ROM drive. I am using TDB’s 14x riplock firmware. However I’d like to slow it down for a max 4x or 8x scan in CD Speed. I’ve tried Nero’s own Drive Speed tool and tried setting CD Speed to read only ar 4x but the drive ignores the commands. Is this becuase of the firmware hack?

EDIT: I tried using kprobe set to 4x max and it starts at 6x and just gets faster like always.

CDBremse (aka CD Brake, CD Throttle) works fine at controlling the speed of my 166S running the TDB riplock FW.

The first time I ran it, I didn’t realize that you had to click on the drive description in the top of the window to actually select it and allow the drive speed to be selected and locked.

CD Speed disk quality scans on the 166S are very repeatable and fairly comparable to those run on LiteOn DVD burners when the speed is locked at 4X CAV.

Sorry to disagree with a mod on my first post but I’ve noticed the statement that the 166S speed could not be controlled posted a few times whjile I’ve been lurking. CD Speed won’t do it alone but CD Bremse does.


Edit: I haven’t tried kprobe at all. CD Bremse seems to work well at making marginal disks read smootly at lower speeds with the 166S.