How to size pictures for DVD slide show?

I am new to making DVD’s and I am new to chat rooms. I have some questions and hope I can get some help.


welcome to the forum. normally you should just go ahead and post your question in the thread you’ve created. your title is not sufficient information to help you.

we need to know what software you’re using, how you intend to play the slideshow back, what format are the pictures in, what type of blank dvd media you’re using, what type of burner you have and what firmware revision it has.

post as much information as you can to ensure that responses can be detailed and relevant. if you don’t know how to find something out, let us know and we can walk you through it. we try to keep the more patient cdfreaks in the newbie forum for just that reason :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to help. I am using Nero software. I plan to play the slideshow back on my TV. I do not know what you mean by what format the pictures are in. Do you mean like JPEG? I am using Memorex DVD-R blank discs. I do not know what type of burner, and haven’t a clue what " firmware revision" is. It looks like I will need a lot of “walking through” and a very patient cdfreak. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Reason:I got a couple of questions i want to ask you. Ill start a topic in the living room bk

download nero info tool. run, click the little floppy disk icon (top right) to save the log file then insert it into a post using attachment.
that will give everybody all the starter information they need.

As I said back to your pm. This is a techanical place and the questions can seem complex. people will help you get through them.

Hi Joanne… im new to this forum too… im not good with computers and not technicaaly minded… but I have used nero slide show, and successfully created a lovely slideshow of my new baby nephew…to watch on my dvd…it took me a while to get it right but got there eventually!!!.. what exactly is the problem with the size of your pictures??? ,are you getting error messages? or are you just having problems inserting them into your show???

If it is size… you could try resizing them in your my pictures folder and creating a new smaller image… but save your original… thats what I do… and use the smaller ones in your show…


Hi Cazzyd,
Thanks for responding. I am trying to create a slide show with the Nero program. I have resized my pictures several times, but no matter what size I make them, when I play the DVD back on my TV the pictures are too large. The backgrounds and frames do not show. The preview in the Nero program shows the entire picture. If I view the slideshow on my computer, I get the entire picture, but when I play the DVD on my TV the pictures are too large.

Do you have any ideas that might help me?

Joanne B

It wouldn’t be something simple, like your DVD player’s zoom function is on, or an incorrect output setting, would it?

Another thought…

Depending on how much appears to have been cropped, it might also be a simple case of overscan.

Hi Joanne,

What kind of TV screen do you have? Is it a normal 4x3 or a 16x9 wide screen?
You have to look at your images file size both ways: pixels x pixels and side x side.
Most compact cameras offer 4x3 images, just now some come to the market offering 16x9 porportions. DSRL cameras tend to offer also 3x2 to match the print papper sizze, as 10x15cm.

Pixel wise: DVD format is NTSC 720x480 and PAL 720x576 for 4x3 screens. For the wide you have to check, as I don’t know it by heart.

I don’t know how Nerovision does it, but there are software packages that adjust from your file size to the DVD size, but probably with no change in the porpotions. Others require you to offer them the right image size (pixels).
You can also have the adjustment made with black bars and the full image or a crop.
Look also to you TV set: does it changes to the right format (4x3, 16x9, letter box) by itself or requires you to do it?
Did you use any zoom facility?
You have to work it out and try to find the answer, these are just some points you may look at.
Good luck

Adobe´s user forum has a thread on this…maybe you have to log-in to get to this

They recommend going by pixels…an extract from the thread:
"720 x 533 pixels is the size (in standard pixels) of a full video frame still, regardless of how many pixels-per-inch the image has.

That said, it’s important to note that there is little to be gained by overloading your video with overly-dense, mega-pixel images. Video resolution (720 x 480 pixels) is the final resolution of any image you use in Premiere Elements will be upon output to video. You can’t increase the resolution of your video screen by increasing the resolution of your still. Even if your image is 3000 x 2900 pixels, your final output will still be only 720 x 480 pixels of video. Increasing the pixels density of a photo will not make it clearer on the final output. Standard video is standard video, and all you get in the end is 720 x 480 pixels of image. Overloading your project with overly-dense images will only bog down the rendering process. …"

This info was intended for users of Premiere, but it should apply to Nero as well.