How to shrink dvd files?

I want to shrink dvd so it can fit into one single dvd-r. I tried using the dvd shrink 3.2 but it is giving me problems is there any other program to shrik it thanks

There’s heaps of different transcoders out there; Clone DVD, DVD 2 One, IC8, DVD Fab etc… Difference is DVD Shrink is the only freeware program available. What problems is DVD Shrink giving you?

oops I an really sorry. I checked file Video and Audio folder. Actually TMPGEnc is the problem. This what happens I encoded the avi file to *.mpv file for video and *.mpc2 for audio now when i author with TMPGEnc It only author fine but problem is actually size of movie is 2:16 min whereas when i author it only shows 1:44 min so problem relies on TMPGEnc. Is there any other software i can try other then dvd lab cause it is too complicated. thanks

Don’t know how you got your MP2, but it’s best if your audio stream is not done by TMPGEnc (The encoder, not the DVD authoring app). It especially hates VBR audio in AVIs and can give you that type of error. But regardless of which encoder you used, it’s a good idea doing the audio stream separately.

If you haven’t done so, load the AVI in ffmpegGUI (free) and convert the audio to AC3 or MP2, it only takes a few minutes. Use that stream when authoring in TMPGEnc DVD Author. And if THAT doesn’t work, there are other things to check. :wink: That’s my bet, though.

Good luck.

I used chickenman guide to convert avi files

But i will try your suggestions and see how it goes thanks