How to show tags

Greetings. In another post (found here), I wanted to show someone how to post images and html links within a thread. While typing up a quick reply, I wanted to explicitly show him exactly what the text would look like in his composing window.

As an example, in html, you can use “<” to show the “<” character on the screen and not have it treated as an html character. So…in cdfreaks, does anyone know how I can type something this…
…and (without using the quotes around it), have it NOT automatically turn into a hyperlinked URL? In addition, how I can type…
[ U R L ] some url link here [ / U R L ]
…without me using spaces above so it will show up on the thread exactly as it was typed?

Does this make sense? Not a big deal…just curious. Thanks.

I have often found this a problem when showing people code here, in the end the best thing to do is to blank out one letter of the end tag like this:[/U*L]


you have to put some code of bold italic or underline in [[B][/B]]

[B]you have to type like this[/B]
[url[I[B][/B]][/I[B][/B]]]some url link here [/url[I[B][/B]][/I[B][/B]]]

[B]then it will show like this[/B]
[url[I][/I]]some url link here [/url[I][/I]]