How to show a series of titles when burning them to a DVD?

I am a seventy year old retired H. R. Manager attempting to learn something about new technology. I’m starting to learn how to build a series of slide shows from digital photographs, fit titles, transitions and music to them and burn the results to DVDs so that they can be viewed more conveniently on a T. V. but I keep finding little problems and I hope that this is the sort of forum where I can find help so thanks very much for reading this.

When I place a comercially created CD or DVD on my television I can see that it is divided into a number of different chapters titles or just chapter numbers. One can either just press play and all the titles or numbers play one after another. However, one can select what ever chapter title or number one wishes to wish to see and play that one.

I am using Pinnacle Studio 10 I want to build a series of individual slide shows or projects, name, them, save them seperately and burn them to a DVD.

Can this be done and if so will the DVD show the slide shows by name when I place it in my DVD player connected to the television and open it?

I’m not familiar with Pinnacle Studio 10, but you can do what you described with Windows Movie Maker which is probably already on your system.

Once you make your series of “slide shows” and save them on your hard disk, you import them into a program like TEMPGEnc where they will become chapters. Next you select the Menu tab and choose a menu template that best fits your needs. The menu is created and you edit it by naming the chapters whatever you want, change the menu background image, add music, etc.
Your final step is the Output tab where you either save the finished product back to your hard drive or burn it to a disc.

TEMPGEnc has a free trial period if you download it, and you can get the hang of it and produce great results just by playing around with it for one evening.

Should you play around with Windows Movie Maker, be advised that it has one major flaw–it does not like large projects and will not save them when you’re done. You need to work in small sections, saving those sections and re-importing them along the way to do additional work on them. Using fancy transitions and edited effects require major memory and disk space to process into video clips, so processing smaller sections and building towards your large finished project is the way to go.