How to shop B&M Verbatim 16x +R?

As far as shopping for verbatim dvd-r’s in retail stores, what does one look for on the packaging? I’ve read that the MIT spindles are best, but other than that how can you tell which are made by whom and what is good versus poorly manufactured media? I am looking for the 16x +R spindles ideally in 100 or 50pks? Also are B&M retail Verbs better than the DataLifePlus found online?

DataLifePlus is only a name, nothing else :slight_smile:
Just get MIT and you should be on the safe side. You can tell CMC from Prodisc by looking at the font of the cakebox: Prodisc uses a sans-serif font like Arial and CMC a serif font like Times New Roman.

Prodisc is better than CMC?

No. Between the Prodisc and CMC production (both Made in Taiwan) of MCC media, there is currently no difference whatsoever in terms of real-world quality. CMC-made MCC may have a [I]slight[/I] edge in home-made PIE/PIF scans but that’s hardly relevant, the diffences are extremely small and well below the treshold of significance, whatever the compulsive/obsessive PIE/PIF scanners think. :bigsmile:

MBI (Made in India) MCC is another matter. It varies a lot in quality, from top-notch (sometimes eveb better than MIT MCC) to poor (reading issues), but thankfully it’s mainly fair to good and can generally be recommended as good media. Plus recently things seem to look better with MBI-made MCC, there are less and less complaints.

About your question of packages (100 or 50). I’ve had my share of damaged discs in 100-discs boxes, so I recommend 50-discs cakeboxes of even 25-discs ones whenever possible. :wink: