How to share TV card Over LAN between several pcs

Im new comer to this forum. i got this nice place when i was finding a solution for tv card sharing.

any way here is my problem.

I have lan between my neigbouring friends. I have a Cable tv and a tv card. I want to share my cable tv connection over the lan with my friends.
Is thr any cool software can do this job. I searched it everywhere. but didnt find anything.

Im using XP and Pixelview TV card.

My friends can change the tv channels using vnc by logging to the tv card. Only my problem is how to stream tv card out put over the LAN.

Waiting for ur repply.


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VLC may be able to do it. You could also get a slingbox.

What is slingbox ?

I wouldn’t want to swear to it, but I think media portal might have some network tv sharing capabilities. Its free so you might want to look into it.

Might as well ask ‘What is Wikipedia?’