How to setup my IDE devices?

Maybe this belongs to the “General Hardware”, but they are kind of tired of anything related to recorders so here I go: I have 4 devices, WD 80GB harddrive, LiteOn 52x burner, LG DVD-ROM and a NEC2500 DVD-recorder. The HDD is on primary master. As for the rest, I dont no what is best. I was thinking about hooking the LG reader up as a primary slave but maybe this is not good for HDD speed/stability. The NEC2500 DVD recorder could be secondary master and the LiteOn burner secondary slave. What do you think? Should I dump one of them? The LiteOn is a great CD burner, has more features and is faster than the CDR-R capabilities of the NEC. Would hate to loose that one. The LG reader could be replaced by the NEC DVD recorder, but I have read that the NEC pretty much suck at reading.

I would suggest for best performance wise to get an pci ultra ata ide controler card(you can get one for $35 or less) and setup as follows:

1st ide: HD (master)
2nd ide: dvd rom (master)
controler card 1ist ide: dvdrw(master)
controler card 2nd ide: cdrw (master)

this should give you a wonderful setup, not to mention more room to put another HD or anything else you like, and everything will run at its peak!!

i know i have similar setup:
1st ide: 80gb hd(master) 80gb hg(slave)
2nd ide: dvdrom(master)
controler card 1st ide: lite-on dvdrw ldw-411s(master)
controler card 2nd ide: lite-on dvdrw ldw-411s(master)

And i burn to both dvdrw simultaneously with nero no probs!!

Hi cfp,

I had a similar setup on my comp, and it worked very well.

Primary Master- HDD
Pri Slave - DVD ROM
Secondary Master- CDRW
Sec Slave - CDRW

A difference was, I wasn’t using the DVD ROM to read images for burning. I used my burners for reading cause theyre good readers. I usually hear people recommending that burners always go on a separate IDE channel than the HDD, but not sure if that also means whatever youre using to read the image.

Then again, other people say thats bull, and if you have good IDE drivers (especially with an Intel chipset), everything will work just fine no matter what configuration you put your burners in. Myself I’ve never had trouble putting a CD device as the slave to an HDD. Maybe you should try it with the DVD as the primary slave, and just see if it works well.

If you have problems, maybe do like prking says and invest in an IDE controller card, they really dont cost much, and then you could have even more devices. One thing to beware with a controller card though: Some work well with HDD’s and not with CD devices. Others are vice versa. I have a Promise controller card, which are known to be good for HDD, and all 4 of my CD devices on the motherboard controller. Works great no problems for burning. :slight_smile: Goood luck

First off, read the following thread:

Now what I’d do in your situation, with your existing hardware, is:

Primary Master: HD
Primary Slave: DVD-ROM
Secondary Master: DVD-RW
Secondary Slave: CD-RW

If you do drive to drive copies, avoid using the other burner as a source drive (since in the scenario above, both share an IDE channel). Use the HD or DVD-ROM as the source instead.

If you follow prking’s advice to get a controller card, also make sure to follow Roscoe’s advice. In any case, never use a Promise/Maxtor controller card for optical drives. If you end up with one of these, use it for hard drives only (that’s what I do with my Promise cards).

oh yeah sorry! forgot to mention my controler card is a SIIG!! works very nice indeed with optical drives, havent tested with HDD cause i got it for my two burners!!!

Thank you all for the replies. I think I will try the simplest solution suggested first:

Primary Master: HD
Primary Slave: DVD-ROM
Secondary Master: DVD-RW
Secondary Slave: CD-RW

I do have an semi-old Abit Hot Rod ATA-100 RAID controller based on the HighPoint HPT370A chipset somewhere. From what I have read, it completely suck with optical drives. Maybe I could use it with my HD? I only have 1 HD, so RAID is out of the question. I was thinking about flashing the Abit controller into a non-RAID, or maybe run it with a non-RAID driver. Remember something about performance issues when running RAID controllers with only one HD. Anyway, what do you think of the HighPoint RAID controller?

One other possibility is to get a couple external USB/1394 case and install some drives in that. Allows you to easially move from computer to computer, and solves the IDE problems. I use this solution at work, but I have more drives than spaces in my computers, and several computers I need to use them on.

I prefer 1394, but unless you have an adaptor in your computer already it isn’t worth it. Unless you don’t have USB 2.0 either, in which case consider a combo adaptor since both are handy.

That´s an idea. Would allow me to use my CD-R on my laptop as well. Any external USB2/firewire case would do? Or does it need to support optical drives in some way? Most are markedet as HD cases.

THIS will run whatever you got. Cheap and functional, uses the Oxford firewire chip which is preferred.

But first I’d try all 4 drives together on the MB IDE, you might get good results with that.