How to set up USB modem on Win 7

I am writing for a friend of mine. He’s just switched to Windows 7, and has trouble using the Internet. He can’t connect to the net. The Ethernet port on his motherboard is damaged, and he has been using a USB cable to connect his router(UTStarcom UT300RTU) with Win XP. But he can’t do so with Win 7. It’s a driver problem. The appropriate driver cannot be found. It is not there on the router’s disk, either. i looked for it a bit on the internet and found many people with the same problem. Someone said that there is a Windows update which will solve it, but as he cannot connect, he can’t update. What can be done?

Forget the USB connection, and work on the Ethernet Port. If going into Device Manager and uninstalling and installing the Ethernet Port does not work, then get a PCI Ethernet Card and install it. Then just plug in your Ethernet Cable and you are good to go. :cool:

Thanks. Just inquired about them and they are pretty cheap.