How to set up Partitions for WinXP/RH Linux?

I need some help deciding on how to set up partitions for dual booting Windows XP and Red Hat LInux 8.0. The last time I dabbled with Linux was a few years ago and I used Mandrake Linux (I think it was like 6.1).

Anyway, before when I fiddled with LInux I remember I had to have a small Fat32 partition to put all the boot files and then put Windows 98 on one partition and Linux on another. I figured it would be that simple, but apparently not.

RH wants me to do some kind of /boot partition and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be IN PLACE OF or IN ADDITION TO a small Fat32 partition.

So anyway, here’s the deal. I have a 60 GB HD and I want to dedicate 35 GBs to an NTFS partition for WinXP and the other 25 GB to RH Linux. My question is 1) What partitions do I create, and in what order and 2) Which OS do I install first?

I would prefer to use Windows XP’s boot manager, but if that’s not possible then I’ll go with whatever RH’s boot manager is.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

The most simple way?

  1. Create a 35gb partition for Windblows
  2. Tell RH setup to use the space left for an ext3 + swap partition
  3. During the install, you will be prompted to install a boot loader (LiLo or Grub), pick one (I prefer Grub), config it (easy) and that’s it!