How to set up Nero to play burned cds on other players?



I did use Easy CD Creator and it always had a window, when closing, that would ask if I wanted to arrange the cd so it could be used on other players or arrange it so it could be continued in Easy Cd Creator. I would choose to have it play in any player. It did. I could always go back and record on it again.

Now, Nero. I cannot get it to play on my cd player, only my cd recorder/player. There is no option, that I can find, that will let me close out a session like Easy CD did.

How can I set up Nero to play my data cds on any player? And then go back and add more data later.

First time here,


If you don’t close the session in an audio cd it might wont play in a stand alone player,so u have to always close the session so as to play in cd player.


Thanks, I was having problems with data cds, not audio cds.


I cannot get it to play on my cd player

how would u play a data cd on a cd player?


I meant any pc cd player.


I think if you only have the oem version of nero that came with your drive , then it will only work with that drive.

If you have the “retail boxed version” it should work with all of your drives.



Better to use cd-rw media if u like to add later data