How to set up my new pioneer dvd writer



Hi,Im John and im new (and totally clueless).

I have just bought and fitted a new pioneer dvr 111 dbk dvd writer but it doesnt want to work, I think i put the right cables in the right place, How do i set it up to work ?

Dell 4600 dimension bucket (lol)

already has a cd rw/dvd rom (samsung) i would ideally like have both drives working together.



With IDE, there can be a slave and a master.

If your new burner is sharing the same cable as the old cdwriter, you need to determine what your old drive is, and set the dvd burner to the other.
Because you have a dell, it is likely that it is set up as “Cable select” so you need to set your DVDwriter also to cable select. The drive should be automatically detected by bios, so long as the jumper is set correctly.

If on the other hand, you’ve stuck it in, and you can check out a cd on it ok, then you just need to install the burner software that came with your dvd writer.

Or failing that … find some shareware software to help you.
Imgburn & DVDshrink are two good starters.
Also Super or AVI2DVD if you are converting AVI/divx movies to DVD format.


Thanks for the quick reply debro.

I cant even play my Guns N’ Roses cd on the new dvdrw drive and now the original cd writer doesnt recognise it either,I think i ruined my pc somehow.(being a donut)

Yes the new burner is sharing the same (flat) wire as the cd writer above it.

Which prongs do i cover with the jumper thingy i have 5 sets of double prongs and the jumper is covering the last setto the right hand side.

I did notice sometimes when i start up my computer a black screen appears with drive 0 not found and below that says drive 1 not found,Maybe the jumper needs to be moved?

I really am clueless but am willing to give it a damn good go with the help of guys like yourself.


P.S. Would a few pics of the cables/plugs/screens etc help you guys help me ??


Pictures would help tremendously, but are not necessary :wink:

You might need to pull your old cd burner out of the computer, if your bios boot doesn’t tell you what it’s set at.

The drive at the END of the cable needs to be set to master.
The other drive (in the middle of the cable) must be set to slave.

Do that, and you should be fine.
Don’t forget to plug the power back in again :wink:


Make sure u r using an 80 wire IDE cable (count). Dell drives are usually set to cable select (CS) so u may want to set both that way. Like debro said, Pio goes to the end.


Thanks again just to clarify,am i actually on the right menu here? (i pressed f12 at start up) The options seem to just be AUTO and off. :confused:

I will count the pins on the ide in a min…


:bigsmile: Cheers debro! where can i find out which pins to bridge?

Hi FidelC,

Make sure u r using an 80 wire IDE cable (count). Dell drives are usually set to cable select (CS) so u may want to set both that way. Like debro said, Pio goes to the end.

My cable has 2 connections and they are both 39 holes each :confused: please see pic below.


There will be some information either etched into the drive, or on the labels concerning master, slave & cable select. We need to see that information.

Most drives are very much the same at the back, but different manufacturers have different configurations for the jumper :wink:

The cable is standard IDE (which has been standard for 10yrs, and is still the predominantly used interface).


1 min my friend will take some pics.


ahh i just spotted the etchings which indicate master,slave etc. will i do…

dvr 111d dvd rw > set master> top end of ide cable

samsung cd rw > set slave> middle of ide cable

or both at cs??


My personal preference would be to set the DVD writer as master, and the cdwriter as slave.

Make sure that the DVD writer is at the end of the IDE cable (the long flat one with lots of wires) :wink:


Your ide cable in the pricture is a 40 wire for the pioneer to work right you need to get a 80 wire ide cable. They do not cost that much and I have replaced all my cables for the hard drives and cd drives with 80 wire.


Actually, (as far as I know), it is only true for an 80 wire cable; in case of 40 wire master is in the middle.

To john, its the wires, not contacts u need to count, although on the picture it looks an old 40 wire IDE (they are 1 cent cheaper and thus used bu dell. If u decide to upgrade, go for the flat 80, not a cool round one.


All IDE cables have 40 pin connectors, but the wires count here.
80 wires is necessary to make the Pio111 properly work, and preferably set up as MASTER.

In case of DELL you maybe need to jumper all connected drives to CS.


Just to make it clear: with both drives set to CS on an 80-wire cable, the Pio111 MUST be at the END of the cable (not in the middle).


So sorry for the delay!!,

It works !!

I just finished backing up Robocop :smiley: The copy seems just great but i take it,it would be even better quality with an 80 wire and CS all round?

(I have the Pio111 at the end of the cable set to master and cd writer to slave.)



The 80 wire cable will allow the burner to run at full speed, UDMA4, rather than than UDMA2.

However, if it’s working, you can probably leave it, but plan to get an 80 wire IDE cable in the near future :wink:


Would this baby do the trick?


You can go to any local small computer shop and buy the cable for less than $3 you don’t have to go through the hassle of ebay.


I need to order some headphones from Newegg. I need to get a 40 to 80 pin ide cable as well to hook up two cd/dvd burners. Will this cable work? I can’t see where it is 80 wire but maybe all these new round ide cables are 40 to 80 pin.

Will this cable work and be an 80?