How to set up a dual boot of windows and evil entity linux.2.4.f?

does anyone know how to set up a dual boot of windows and evil entity linux.2.4.f?:bigsmile: :confused:


if its xp, install evil e first. doesnt partition magic have a boot loader ?

First install Windows Xp , then install Evil Entity and use Lilo to configure it. (Kinda messy if you do this first time , check google for Lilo help files)


First install Evil Entity and then Windows Xp , then install Xosl ( or some other nice bootloader. I don’t think Windows Xp’s bootloader is compatible with Linux file systems , so forget that default one.

How’s working with Evil Entity going anyway ? :wink: I’m curious to know if it is fast and stable.

thx for the xosl:bigsmile:

I set it up using a Me startup floppy.had xosl on other floopy.

booted up startup floppy

then inserted xosl floppy

at command line typed in install.

put me in boot and used original mbr for evil e boot!:wink:

well evil e seem pretty fast and stable on a p3 733.:slight_smile:

but no sounds driving me know where i can get some sound from developers!:confused:

thx alot:D

:bow: :bow: MrB

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[B]thx for the xosl:bigsmile:

thx alot:D


Xosl is one great program. And the price is right as well :slight_smile:

They plan to make a sound system available in the final version of Evil Entity , but if there is an update , you should find it here

i emailed the developer on how i did ME and xp he showed me another way!heres his response

"Im glad your up and running, I just wanted to point out that lilo can boot your dos partition as well.

  1. Desktop Menu > System Tools > System Control > login [default is login: admin pass: 666] > hardware > linux bootup configuration> [change your settings]

  2. login as root, type " lilo "
    now the lilo menu will have 2 options.

But your up and running with xosl so who cares :slight_smile:
Actually the xosl idea may help out alot of people having problems dual booting XP. Thanks."