How to set up 2 DVD Writers on same motherboard, 1. LiteOn LH 20A1P , 2. is a Sata Blue Ray Drive?

I just built a new computer, Asus P5E3 Deluxe WIFI motherboard, Q9450 processor, 4 GB DDR Ram, 8800 GT 512 card and X-fi Xtreme Gamer Fatality sound card. I took my older LiteOn LH 20A1P, which is IDE, out of my old machine and put it in my new computer. I also bought the new LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer which is sata, and installed it also. I have the Retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate. I have the LiteOn LH 20A1P installed with the only ide connector in the motherboard set as the master.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to make one of the DVD Writers the main drive over the other. You know D and E drives. When I was installing Vista(you know at the part where it is asking for Sata Drivers for hard drive, load drivers) it showed the LG as D drive and LiteOn as E drive. But after Vista was installed it was reversed. the LiteOn was now the D drive and the LG was the E drive. I installed Vista using the LG. I am stumped on how to know which will be what drive letter. I know if I had two IDE drives I would set one a master and the other to slave and master would be D and slave would be E drive.

Does anyone know how I can make sure one drive will be the D and the other E without changing it in Vista itself? Does Vista choose ide over Sata?

Please let me know?

Any help would be appreciated.

Since one is SATA and the other IDE you should not be concerned about Master and Slave.

If you were to un-install one or both of them now and hook up an external HDD or another internal HDD and then reboot; shut-down, hook up the ODDs and reboot you will find all of them will have different drive letters except your “C” drive.

You can always go into control panel, admin tools, computer management, then Disk management and resign the drive letters anyway you want them.

Does it really matter which drive is which? The functionality of the drive won’t change.