How to set UDMA4 ? Quick urgent pleese, lol

Sup fella’s,
there was this one guru on here that had a tutorial on how to set UDMA4 on his signature, and I need to set it quick on my Pioneer 111D flashed with TDB 8.26 edited with MCE, how does one set UDMA again? lol…

the best settings UDMA for my NEC 3550A and Lite-on SHW 160PS Would be awesome too but pioneer is urgent! lol, thanks so much~ :kiss:


to get UDMA4 for the Pioneer and the Litey you need them connected by a 80 wired IDE ribbon cable. In addition, read the sticky about DMA.

The NEC might be a UDMA2 drive, but as I am not sure, verify at NEC website or the documentation that came with the drive.


I think all NEC drives are UDMA2.

The Pioneer supposedly should also be connected as the master on the 80wire IDE cable.

80 wire is a must. Mine is secondary slave and works fine so far including RAM and labelflash :slight_smile:

isn’t 80 wire IDE a standard for all optical and hard drives that aren’t scsi ? I mean my drives sure ain’t connected via scsi or sata, so i know for fact they are connected via IDE, i never heard of difference pin’s on IDE cable’s…

HOW do you set udma4 and 2 ?

thank you.

There is a good sticky made for setting DMA up on top of the page.
There are 40 and 80 wire (not connector) ribbon cables. So, just check what you’ve got.

Some MOBOs require the 109/110/111 to be a master. Set it to master and your NEC to slave. Check your jumpers on the back of each drive. And if you have a newer computer/last several years, you should have a 80 conductor cable. Also flash your BIOS from your MOBO site to your current FW as well as any driver updates for your MOBO. Then after that go into your BIOS and check all the settings. Last, check your DMA in device manager.