How to set speed with Nero Express 6

Is there a way to change the drive speed with Nero Express 6?

The default is 4X but the CD I burn won’t play on my CD player. I need to
change it to a lower value. Cannot find a way to do this.

I am using Memorex CD-RW 4X 700MB that have worked in the past.

Can anyone help on this?


On the last page, right before starting to burn (it is entitled Final Burn Settings), below Current recorder and Disc name, there is a box, where there is a drop-down Writing speed, then Number of copies, etc.
You should be able to change the speed there.

I would have thought that CD players in general would not like CD-RW media, certainly none of mine do.
However, when you say these have worked in the past, was that also burning with Nero 6 or did you have an earlier version?
Presumably you use Nero’s Audio CD function.


My version of Nero doesn’t have a screen that allows you to select the burn settings before it goes right into burn which then shows 4X as being the speed. I got the software for free when I purchased the new SONY drive.

It does have an option screen called “Control drivespeed” but only has “maximum”, “24X”, or “16X” as choices. On the “Options” button, from this first screen, you get another screen that has “speed settings” at the top, but changing this does not change the speed when you go to burn. I have attached a copy of this screen as it is set up. The documentation on this is sparse.


I have used Microsoft Media Player 10 and also have an older version of Musicmatch. I have been having problems with both of these, so decided to start all over again with a new drive and new burn software. I have always used 2X.


I found the write speed box but it is greyed out.

See attached screen shot.

I just re-installed everything, including all updates, but same problem.

Is there a chance this is caused by Nero software being an OEM version?

I think there often some problems with OEM versions of software. It might be worth investing in a full version as if you change your writer it may not be recognised by this version of the software.

For burning audio CDs there are a number of excellent free apps. The one I often use is BURRRN ( It’ll take in audio of various formats & convert to wav on burning for an Audio CD. Well worth a try.

I would recommend though that you change your media as those 4x CDs must be quite old now & could be deteriorating. I actually have had loads of problems with Memorex 24x which I dumped in the end. Poor quality media is often seen as a cause of many of the questions on this forum.

I would recommend Verbatim ( Pastels, Super AZO or Datalife Extra Protection - in that order). The Super AZO might be the easiest to find.

With quality media & a decent CD Writer you shouldn’t really have to drop the burn speed down from the rated speed of the media. I burn all my CD’s at 40x which is the max for my Liteon CD writer.

Edit: I just recalled that you’re using CD-RW so some of what I’ve written may not be relevant to you. However, I’ve just finished watching the LOST series which I convert to VCD & burn to CD-RW to watch on the TV. In the end I gave up with the RW discs & burned to CD-R as I was getting so much break up of the video on the RW discs. RW to seem to deteriorate over time. Bout time I got some new ones, maybe you should also if you want to continue with -RW media.


I have just witnessed a miracle!

For the past few days I have been pulling my hair out to get my CD burner to produce CD’s that will play on my car stereo, which it had previously. I have tried the expensive solutions with all the “bells and whistles” such as Nero, Realplayer, Musicmatch and Media Player and a little freebie like “burrn” finally solves the problem. I even replaced my CD-RW player (Which was probably unnecessary). Also went through 25 or so CD-RW disks that were thrown away. Amazing!!!

I am delegating all of these “Frue-Frue” applications to the delete bin (except for Media Player).

Burrn is outstanding. Not only does it work great it is easy to use. Not to mention that its free. Only downside I noticed on my first use was that it wouldn’t recognize a wmv file. Will check this out further though.

Odd that you mentioned Verbatim disks. I went to Office Depot and they had 50-packs of Verbatim CD-R’s (1X-52X) on sale for $8. My lucky day again. I bought several packs. (They are reorder#94691)

Thanks much for your help and suggestions.

The other thing about Burrrn is that it won’t initialize CD-RW media so you’d need to use Nero etc for that, if ever you took that route again.

With decent media Nero should be fine. It really was the media causing the problem as it so often is.

I today bought some Verbatim 8-12x CD-RW, much better than what I was using before.

Glad to have been of help.

It wasn’t the media.

I tried all three of the other programs with the new Media and the problem remained.

I have been fooling with burrrn and its even better than I thought. It even erases RW disks so you can re-use them. With one click.

Its so easy to use even an idiot like me can figure it out without reading any documentation.

I did find a way to convert my wma file to mp3 also.

Thanks again.

I use Sony CD-R discs and NERO 7 Essentials. The primary reason I got it was to burn CDs for my car stereo and guess what - NO LUCK! I’ve tried all sorts of new settings, new speeds, everything. The CDs I produce will play in my Magnavox Stereo but not in my car stereo!

I’ve downloaded Burrrn and the CD I made there doesn’t work in my car, either - suggestions?