How to set region free dvd to region 1?



Hey guys, i need help backing up a dvd that is region free. The problem is my dvd player isn’t region free. What program can i use to back up the dvd and set region to 1 USE/Canada? I’ve heard of a hack code for dvd players, but couldn’t find anything for my specific magnavox.


This should explain things.


??? most often a region-free DVD will play in ANY settop player… maybe there’s another problem here?


I’m guessing it’s a NTSC/PAL problem?


Beef, I’ve already tried that.

Bob, it seems to run fine on the computer and I’ve checked specs. and it is PAL/All regions. So, how would I change it to NTSC?


It was just to explain. You would have to convert it from PAL to NTSC, but I don’t have a link. Try search, keywords convert PAL to NTSC.


Cool, I found this little program. IfoEdit


Most modern dvd players can play both PAL/NTSC dvd’s.


[QUOTE=GJ;2004649]Most modern dvd players can play both PAL/NTSC dvd’s.[/QUOTE]

True, but mine is the cheap version. :rolleyes: