How To Set Recording Speed To SP, LP & EP

How could you set recording speed in Nero to SP or LP or even EP in order to be able to burn a recorded movie or show which is more than 2 hour and was recorded by capture card in your computer hard drive in one sigle Layer disk ( 4 hours instead of 2 hours)?.I now the stand alone DVD recorder has this feature but how you set your drive burner in your computer to this function?.

It doesn’t do that exactly. What it does is compress it to fit. I’ve never made a DVD with Nero but, I believe Nero will automatically compress it to fit. So, what that means is, if you have 2 hrs. of video it will compress it a certain amount. If you have 4 hrs. of video it will compress it twice as much. Meaning lower quality. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong here. Hopefully!!

The compressing is different story, you can use DVD Shrink to shrink your 4 hours of DVD in normal S/L disk. but recording in various speed as SP (for high qulity of 2 hours), LP (for lower quality of 4 hours) and finally you can record on EP (6 hours recording and very reduced quality). My question is how you can set the recording speed for SP, or LP, or EP?.

It is bitrate and not speed that determines the amount of content you can put on the disc. We are talking about DVD here, not VHS, right?

The setting you are looking for is configurable with the Quality setting dropdown box under More->Video Options->DVD-Video->Transcoding Quality (in NeroVision Express).

Never_Again; If you look in to your package of let’e say 10, 25 or 50 DVD, it specifies the speed of recording that the disk can be written SP (for 2 your), LP (for 4 hours) and EP (for 6 hour) of DVD content, that what I really mean.

This terminology is misleading, TCAS. It was borrowed from the VHS days, presumably to give the user a point of reference, but looks like it is a bad idea. With VHS, the speed at which the tape moved determines the amount of video you can fit in. With DVDs, it is resolution and bitrate. Please have a look at that tab in NeroVision Express and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you have that tab set at standard play you’ll see your Bitrate is set at 5073 kbit/s. If you change to LP it 3382 kbit/s, & EP 2537 kbit/s. The higher the bitrate the better the quality. So , as you can see Standard Play will give you the best quality.