How to set file/dir hidden attribute in an ISO image?

Hi, I am seeking any burning/Image compiling soft except Nero that is able to set file or directory to hidden attribute in an ISO image. Would Folks got any idea?

So far I have tried UltraISO, which state “May directly set the file/folder to hidden attribute…”. But the truth is, when the ISO is saved or burnt into disc, no attribute changes remembered just like nothing happen. Is there anyone knowing what happen on that? Thanks.

This is for UltraISO

The “Hidden” attribute doesn’t seem to work if a UDF filesystem is used, so turn off the UDF filesystem in Properties for the image.

Then you use the File Properties dialog on the files/folders you want to hide and select the Hidden attribute (using Hide/Unhide is not the same thing - it’s the same as Advanced Hidden).

And save the modified ISO image.

That works for me.

It works. Like what you said, it doesn’t work for UDF. Is this a limitation of UDF, or just the problem of UltraISO? Thank you very much.

I’m not sure, but it seems to be a limitation/problem in UltraISO since I can create an image with hidden files in a UDF filesystem with Nero Burning ROM.