How to set boot device



My old computer was lent to a friend and came back with 111GB of crap on it. None of it is mine so I’m just going to wipe it with a backup disc I have. The back up disc is 1.5GB so it’s on a DVD not a CD and this is where I’m having problems. I’m loading my DVD backup into the DVD drive re-starting the computer but I only have a wireless mouse and keyboard and at the point where I have to press Delete to enter set up my keyboard isn’t working. The keyboard doesn’t start working until about 5 seconds after the request to press delete?.
I have also tried to open the disc from the desk top but windows doesn’t recognise the file and cant open it. Anyone got any ideas how I can get round this.


You may borrow a normal keyboard and try again. :wink:


That might be my only option but there must be a way to set the computer up so it boots straight from DVD


This can be done in your bios settings. Look for [I]first boot device[/I] and set it to cdrom.


Thanks mate i’ll have a look and if its straight forward and can be done by an idiot i’ll try it. If not i will try and borrow another keyboard.