How to set booktype with NEC 4751

I have got Nero 6 and 1.01 default NEC 4571 firmware and i would like to set the booktype whilst buring dvd’s. How to do this.

You will need to use one of Liggy’s bitsetting firmwares. Suggest the latest 4571 1-02, but read this thread first.

Isent there and option so i can set the booktype via NERO? or is hardsetting it via firmware the only option. Looks like the new 1.02 firmware has bittsetting so 1 guys says in the 1.02 firmware thread.

Can anyone explain this.

And are there any downsides to bitsetting ?

Nero used to support it under the “Choose Recorder” pull down, but it doesn’t seem to exist in my v6.6.1.4. But by default it seems to set the booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD-Video projects…that’s if the firmware supports the command.

It’s really more of a compatibility thing for older set-top-box DVD players that had trouble playing DVD+R(W)(DL) media.

I haven’t had any trouble with Nero setting it on my Verbatim DVD+R media.