How to set AD-7543A as primary slave and is it rip-locked?

I have just received my new Optiarc AD-7543A laptop burner, but I’m slightly disappointed by the ripping speed (haven’t got it above 5,000KB). Is it rip-locked ?

I am using it in a 5 year old DELL Inspiron 8100 which is set up so that the hard drive is on the Primary IDE channel as Master, and the Optical drive is also on the Primary IDE channel as Secondary. The extra bay, which in my case currently houses a floppy drive, is on the Secondary IDE channel.

From what I’ve read, the AD-7543A is set up to be Primary Master by default, and can be changed to Secondary Master if needed. There is no mention of setting it up as Primary Slave.

I have checked that DMA mode is enabled and it is set to UDMA Mode 5 for the hard drive and UDMA mode 2 for the optical drive, so it does not appear to be a DMA issue.

Any ideas ?

Just realised the exact tools for changing to slave on Liggy and Dee’s web site

Hmmm, since the drive is recognised, should I be setting it to reverse ATA ?

Can it damage it ?

Since it’s recognised right now, I see no reason to change it to reverse ATA. This could make your drive inaccessible for your laptop.

Just done a few tests:

  1. Copy from magazine coverdisc single layer DVD-ROM to hard drive yields about 9.5-10 MB/s, which is around 8x.

  2. Single layer DVD-Video ROM yields between 2-5MB/s depending on whether read is at beginning or end of disc.

  3. Dual layer DVD-Video ROM yields between 2-5MB/s depending on whether read is at beginning or end of disc.

So, it would appear the AD-7543A is rip-locked to 4x

Any chance of creating a firmware for this drive without riplock and with bitsetting ?

And also RPC1 :slight_smile:

Sorry for being so stupid! :doh:

I see you have already made a firmware for the AD-7543A which has bitsetting, no rip-lock and RPC1. For some reason I only thought it had bitsetting, but then I hovered the mouse cursor over the column headings “Fast” and RPC1 and all became clear!

The AD-7543A is now almost the perfect laptop drive! (still waiting for the 12x or 16x laptop burners) :slight_smile:

Thanks Liggy and Dee! :clap: :bow: