How to set a Proxy to access from a chat client/server

I would like to ask the community of these Forums for help to set my Desktop computer running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit to access chat programs that I have downloaded from the Web and have installed on my PC.
My browser is Firefox 3.6.9 but i am unsure if the browser is involved in this.

Anyways, I do get in my e-mail a fresh daily list of free proxies to use to connect to the web, so given that I first have to open the program from icons that i already have on my Desktop …
does anyone know how to set things so when I open them they would show -to anyone who wants to monitor(chat users and server owners on the other end)- the IP, geographic location and/or name of Internet Service Provider of the Proxy address itself and not MY OWN IP, location and ISP (as it happens now without the use of a proxy)?

Should anyone would like to take a peek at those 3 chat places before responding they are:

A. Halsoft Chat:

B. Yak Chat:
Install Instruction (to exemplify how they exist on my PC now)
1… Download to desktop.
2… Then go to desktop and Install the client.
3… The Client will install to its on folder.
4… Will not in any way hurt any other client u may have.

C. Voodoo Chat:

My need for privacy is based on peace of mind, and has no intention of masking any illegal activity. It has an honest purpose.

I would now appreciate to receive responses from knowledgeable person/s and/or those who may have succeeded in making the computer work the way i would like it to access these places.
I have already tried setting Firefox to access via a proxy but that by itself did not work, so I concluded that there must be more than just the browser to be set.

I hope that now someone can come up with a ‘Yes Way Jose’… this is how to do it…

Thank you kindly.

If these chat sites chat via FIrefox only, get a thing like Foxy Proxy.

If these chat sites use their own standalone product, it all depends on the configuration possibilities of the program. Most of them use the IE proxy. If that’s a PAC file you edit yourself, you’re pretty much ‘proxied’ on all programs that use some sort of internet connection.