How to selectively recover lost contacts from iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.4?



If you have successfully avoided data loss in the process of updating iPhone or iPad to the latest 8.4 version, you are lucky enough. As we all know the data lost caused by the updating itself is impossible to recover directly from the devices like iPhone or iPad, as the data was erased from the storage for good. However, it is hard to steer clear of data loss when you finished the iOS 8.4 updating, as iOS 8.4 is not a bugs-free version, you may suffer from data loss from time to time. And chances are, you always delete certain data, for example, delete contacts by mistake from time to time when you are using your iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.4 installed.

As you have just updated to the latest iOS 8.4 version, you don’t bother to restore your iPhone with the entire iTunes or iCloud backup file, for it takes quite a time, and worse still, it may cause data loss again. Third party software like iFonebox which is professional iOS data recovery software makes it possible to selectively recover lost contacts and transfer directly back to iPhone or iPad.
You can download a free trial version to have a try, but you need to pay for the full version if you want to successfully recover the lost contacts from your iPhone or iPad.

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Nice post! Really helpful to me.


[QUOTE=Frankiss;2756294]Nice post! Really helpful to me.[/QUOTE]

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