How to select Yamaha CRW F1 Audio Master Quality in ECDC 6

I have a Yamaha CRW F1 and I can’t find out how to select Audio Master Quality in ECDC 6 when burning Audio CD’s. I have checked the various menu’s etc. Can anyone help please:confused :confused:

You can’t.
You can use AMQR with Nero or Feurio.

I tried using Feurio last night and it burned using Audio Master Quality OK but it burned at single speed. I have a P4 2.4, 512 meg memory & an 80g HD using XP Pro so I think the system is fast enough. Is there a way to burn at maybe 4 or 8X

The computer isn’t the problem.
I don’t have that drive, so I don’t know. Can you select 4x and 8x and then only burns at 1x? or you can’t even select those speeds?

Maybe a bug.
It’s also possible that the demo version doesn’t allow to select those speeds.

I was been using it with another CDRW and it worked Ok at higher speeds. I will try it without the Audio Master Quality & see what soeed that produces

Yes, the demo version works at all speeds with normal drives, but maybe they decided that that special feature could only be tried at 1x in the demo.
You can try it as much as you want with non AMQR speeds.

Contact Feurio support.

I have decided to buy Feurio & see what happens then, I’ve used it enough for free so I suppose it is time to pay up. :wink:

Update: I have now purchased a licence for Feurio and tried it out and the recording speed was still 1 X. i talked to Fuerio techs and the said that it was ok and that it was probably the media that was causing the slow speed. I have just got some TY media which I will try tonight if I have time. :wink:

Update 2. Tried the TY media last night and Feurio burned the same audio CDR at 8.5X using the Yamaha Audio Master Quality setting which is much better than the previous 1X, and the sound quakity was just as good. John :wink:

Great :slight_smile:
I would have never thought that there was media that set optimal speed to 1x. What CDRs were?
I always say that quality burning needs good media like TY.

Thanks for reporting.

I was using Kodak Silver/Gold media which has always burned perfectly and sounds good using my old Yamaha 4166S but I suppose that to get the higher speeds you need modern media.