How to secure data (backup) disks with encryption?

AFAIK most software for file encryption is for HD. I backup my data to DVDR and I don’t need military strength encryption. To safeguard my data against theft, what software is best for complete newbies to encrypt DVDR?

Your suggestion is appreciated, thank you.


I think Backup Now allows you to put a passwords on backed up cds and dvds.

No offence but I believe a 12 yo can crack simple passwords. I need real encryption. Thanks.

So stop using 123 as your password, genius.

You don’t need to be using encryption for your warez discs or backup copies! If you want 128bit encryption you’ll have to pay for it.

If it isn’t a disc that will be massively spread around no need to encrypt it.

If it is a disc that will be massively spread around, you shouldn’t be copy protecting it unless you own the IP and in that case you should use a professional service since it’s so valuable! :bow:

best thing is to encrypt the data fisrt, then burn to cd/dvd. free tools @

Thanks Ghosters. I’m now using (FREE - AES-128) to encrypt my files first.