How to Search the test forum

The test forums and threads have been designed and formatted especially to make them more accessable to our search engine. This is one reason why these forums will be heavily moderated, to make sure that every post conforms to the desired format for searching.

Using our search feature sometimes requires a little creativity and patience to get the results you seek, but mainly it’s pretty straightforward. When searching for test results, you will most likey want to search for specific posts, rather than threads, so we will start there.

Note that I have selected the forum I wish to search, in this case it’s the CD-R/RW test forum. And since I am looking for specific tests, I have also selected the option to show results as posts. this will give me the most specific results.

I decided that I want to search for any tests of media done with a LiteOn LTR-52327S drive. I can search for this by entering the drive model into the keyword field. However, different posts may have the drive model entered differently, some may leave off the “LTR”, etc. so the best way to get the most results is to enter a partial term, in this case it would be “52327S”.

Note that I have used wild cards (*) to enable searching for partial terms. This will return every post that has “52327S” in any text.
OK, let’s see what this does, hitting “search” produces this:

The search has returned every CDR/RW test where the 52327S drive was used or mentioned in the post. As you can see, the post titles indicate the media maker and the rated speed and the burn speed, so you can simply select the post that is appropriate for the media type you are interested in.
Note: the tests are listed by the media maker, NOT the brand name. So if you are interested in Verbatim, the Mitsubishi posts are relevant to you. For this reason, you must know the maker of your media before searching or posting a test. See the Media FAQ to find out how to know who made your media.

The first line of the message body will show the drive model used for the test, and it’s firmware revision if provided.

You can also search by the media brand name, (ie: Verbatim), but you will see the actual maker in the search results.

You can also search with multiple terms, (such as the drive model and the media maker), to see tests where those are mentioned, but you will probably get results that include either term, rather than both terms.
You can also search by the drive’s firmware revision, although not all posts have this included. Searching by ATIP information is also possible, as well as by media speed rating and burn speed.

Have fun, and report back with any feedback about how it’s working for you

The search function is now fully functional in the new vBulletin-3 software.
Use the “Advanced Search” option. Although the look of the advanced search is a bit different, all the same search suggestions listed above should be used. And the results will be displayed in the same way.

You now also have an additional option, which is to use the “Search This Forum” option found at the upper right corner of your screen, after you enter the test forum. This function will return threads only, not specific posts. Once you are in a specific thread, that option turns to “Search This Thread”, and there you can enter a single search item, such as a firmware version or drive model or brand name.

Here’s a shot of the proper search settings: