How to scan properly with Plextor 716A?

Well, I will be burning a lot of dual layer discs and I need some form of scanning to decide on what media to buy for my drive.
Until now I had a Plextor 716A, but a Pioneer 111D is on the way.
Unfortunately Nero CD-DVD speed supports neither drive.
OK I know you are going to say “why use nero when you got plextools?” and you are probably right, but nero is so much simpler, and I don’t know how to check with plextools (any help is welcome here).
I tried a couple of scans with plextools PI/PO , but the result is always pretty good. Then I send the same discs to a friend with Liteon and his scans revealed much more weaknesses…

Basicaly, the PI errors were OK in both our scans, but his scans revealed several PIF , and with plextools I can’t find how to measure PIF , and the POF is always 0…

I should also note that my 716A is not a very good drive, it has problem burning several kind of media that are of average-bad quality. Basicaly it only burns tayio yuden and verbatim (real ones MCC002/3/4) properly.
However it seems to be fine as a reader, so I guess I can stil use it to scan (if I learn how to)?

Right now I am waiting for the Pioneer to arrive and I am thinking that since it has problems scanning too, I should find a way to scan with the Plextor…

Help me plz.


For PIF test in Plextools, you have to select SUM1 instead of SUM8 in Q-Check PI/PO Test.

Did you upgrade your firmware into the last version (1.10) ?

i am with 1.09 , i will update to 1.10 now and i will try with sum1 in PI/PO test.

A few comments:

You cannot use Nero CD-DVD Speed for Disc Quality tests on Plextor drives.

You can use CDSpeed for Disc Quality tests on Pioneer DVR-111 series drives, but they are not considered reliable scanners, especially not for PIE.

The expected and acceptable amount of POF on a disc is zero.

You can see plenty of scans done with PlexTools on Plextor drives in our Plextor DVD Burner forum.

Why not, it appears to work on my PX708A - or is it just not working properly?



I’m not exactly sure what CDSpeed can and cannot do on Plextor drives older than the PX-712 such as your PX-708A.

On the newer drives it cannot perform Disc Quality Scan on DVD media at all.

On CD media you can force CDSpeed to perform a DQS with a registry trick, but it will not report C1 at all and it will report some C2 errors (only E32 IIRC) but using a non-standard unit/scale.

If there’s some kind of scan that works for you on your PX-708, why don’t you tell us more and post a screenshot or two in this thread?! :slight_smile:

eltranquil posted this informative bit of info about CD-DVD Speed drive support from Erik Deppe in the Plextor forum just last week.