How to scan PC for installed copy protections?

Is there a program that will scan my computer for installed copy protection software or garbage left behind by same?

If yes, wil it also remove said software from the PC or will I need some more programs?

I am not asking about removing copy protection from a cd, just removing it from my PC. In other words, checking to see if my PC is infected with this crap. :Z


I came across an excellent technical dissertation on the so-called “Sony DRM Rootkit Virus” present on Audio CDs (only?), if interested, see Mark Russinovich’s blog:
… thanks to SamuriHL & Tru
You could try scanning with Mark’s RootkitRevealer v1.56 … you’ll still need to do some manual registry editing if you find a DRM rootkit (unless Mark has developed a script to do same - I didn’t look for one myself … yet)